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Surface and Light: Thinking through Moving Images

Melanie Wilmink


Abstract: Utilising case studies from my curatorial practice, this paper discusses the balance between research and creation, and elaborates on exhibition projects that centre the spectator within an embodied experience of the moving image. While some of my curatorial practice includes installation art that literalises the space of the image, including Urbanity on Film (2009), and The Situated Cinema Project; in camera (2015), other programs have achieved this same effect within a single-channel screening format, including Radiant Bodies (2015) and Dirt City Rock Fantasy: The Short Films of Trevor Anderson (2016). By treating the moving image as an experience that incorporates the space and time of the viewer’s body, these curatorial projects explore the idea of artwork as a phenomenological tool, creating exciting environments while simultaneously advancing knowledge through the process of being with the artwork.


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