Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media

Issue 3: Sound, Voice, Music Danijela Kulezic-Wilson, Christopher Morris and Jessica Shine
Reagan-Era Teen Film Michael D. Dwyer
Performing Gender Michael Charlton
Beneath Sci-Fi Sound Nessa Johnston
Emotion Capture Christopher Holliday

Sound, Voice, Music
by Danijela Kulezic-Wilson, Christopher Morris and Jessica Shine (Issue Editors)


The Same Old Songs in Reagan-Era Teen Film
by Michael D. Dwyer

Performing Gender in the Studio and Postmodern Musical
by Michael Charlton

When is the Now in the Here and There? Trans-diegetic Music in Hal Ashby’s Coming Home
by Aaron Hunter

Beneath Sci-fi Sound: Primer, Science Fiction Sound Design, and American Independent Cinema
by Nessa Johnston

Cultural Innovation and Narrative Synergy in R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet
by Ioana Literat

Emotion Capture: Vocal Performances by Children in the Computer-animated Film
by Christopher Holliday



Media and Memory, by Joanne Garde-Hansen (2011)
Reviewer: Elena Caoduro

Film Festivals: Culture, People, and Power on the Global Screen, by Cindy Hing-Yuk Wong (2011)
Reviewer: Fiona Lee

Music Video and the Politics of Representation, by Diane Railton and Paul Watson (2011)
Reviewer: Antonio Sanna

Sound and Music in Film and Visual Media: A Critical Overview, by Graeme Harper, Ruth Doughty and Jochen Eisentraut (eds.) (2009)
Reviewer: Penny Spirou

Seeing Through Music: Gender and Modernism in Classic Hollywood Film Scores, by Peter Franklin (2011)
Reviewer: K. A. Wisniewski

Siren City: Sound and Source Music in Classic American Noir, by Robert Miklitsch (2011)
Reviewer: James A. Wren


Book Reviews Editor: Jill Murphy


Dysfunctionalities. Annual Conference of the German Society for Media Science (GfM)
Postdam, Germany, 5-8 October 2011
Reporter: Patricia Prieto Blanco

The Impact of Technological Innovations on the Historiography and Theory of Cinema
Montreal, Canada, 1-6 November 2011
Reporter: Daniel Fitzpatrick

The End Of…? An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Study of Motion Pictures
University of Kent, Canterbury, 21-22 January 2012
Reporter: James MacDowell


Reports Editor: Ian Murphy


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