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Alphaville Journal of Film and Screen Media Podcast.
Episode 05, Issue 20, Doing Women’s Film & Television History

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General Editor's Note
by Laura Rascaroli


Doing Women’s Film & Television History: Locating Women in Film and Television, Past and Present
by Sarah Arnold and Anne O’Brien


Archivally Absent? Female Filmmakers in the IFI Irish Film Archive
by Kasandra O’Connell

Seeking Traces of Women in Early Irish Filmmaking: The O’Mara Sisters and the Archive
by Veronica Johnson

Writing the History of Women’s Programming at Telifís Éireann: A Case Study of Home for Tea
by Morgan Wait

Cinematic Islamic Feminism and the Female War Gaze: Reflections on Waad Al-Kataeb’s For Sama
by Dilyana Mincheva

Queer Representation in Arab and Middle Eastern Films: A Case Study of Women in Caramel (2007), Circumstance (2011), and In Between (2016)
by Maria Abdel Karim

Fan-ning the Flame: Representations of Lesbian Romance on Cult Television, from Subtext to Main Text
by Aviva Dove-Viebahn

The Curse and the Chora: The Double-Bind of the Choraic Conduit in Angel and Penny Dreadful
by Kwasu D. Tembo

Reflexive Practice, the “Turn to Care” and Accounting for Feeling: The Things We Talk About with Our Friends
by Rowan Aust

“I Felt More Difficulty Because of My Class Than I Have Because of My Gender”: Intersectional Analysis of Professional Lives of British Women Documentarians
by Ania Ostrowska

Towards a Latin American Feminist Cinema: The Case of Cine Mujer in Colombia
by Lorena Cervera

Researching Around Our Subjects: Working Towards a Women’s Labour History of Trade Unions in the British Film and Television Industries
by Frances Galt

Video Essay

A Film by Cine Mujer: A Video Essay
by Lorena Cervera


Dossier - Collections and Their Uses

Digital Opportunities for Feminist Film Historiography: Insights from the Reframing Vivien Leigh Project
by Lisa Stead

Researching Janet Dean: Perspectives on Female Collaboration in Television Production
by Christina Lane

“Researching Starsky and Hutch Is Exquisite Torture”: Female Television Audiences and 1980s Letterzines
by Charlotte Stevens

The Pamela Davies Collection: Continuity Supervision in British Widescreen and Colour Cinema
by Steven Roberts

Researching Black Women and Film History
by Agata Frymus

Book Reviews

Stanley Cavell and Film: Scepticism and Self-Reliance at the Cinema, by Catherine Wheatley
Reviewed by Glen W. Norton

Film and Domestic Space: Architectures, Representations, Dispositif, edited by Stefano Baschiera and Miriam De Rosa
Reviewed by Lawrence Webb

Main Street Movies: The History of Local Film in the United States, by Martin L. Johnson
Reviewed by Jack Booth

Fellini’s Films and Commercials: From Postwar to Postmodern, by Frank Burke
Reviewed by Flavia Brizio-Skov

Sensuous Cinema: The Body in Contemporary Maghrebi Film, by Kaya Davies Hayon
Reviewed by Sheila Petty

Positioning Art Cinema: Film and Cultural Value, by Geoff King
Reviewed by Fátima Chinita

Memory, Place and Autobiography: Experiments in Documentary Filmmaking, by Jill Daniels
Reviewed by Tony Dowmunt