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For a Cosmopolitan Cinema
James Mulvey, Laura Rascaroli, and Humberto Saldanha, University College Cork (Issue Editors)

01 Encounters with Cultural Difference: Cosmopolitanism and Exoticism in Tanna (Martin Butler and Bentley Dean, 2015) and Embrace of the Serpent (Ciro Guerra, 2015)

by Daniela Berghahn, Royal Holloway, University of London

02 Cosmopolitan Pleasures and Affects; Or Why Are We Still Talking about Yellowface in Twenty-First-Century Cinema?

by Felicia Chan, The University of Manchester

03 “Now I Fight for Belonging”: A Cosmopolitan Refugee Meets Regional Australia in Constance on the Edge
by Sukhmani Khorana, University of Wollongong

04 Global Film at Global Airlines

by Dina Iordanova, University of St Andrews

05 Cosmopolitan Spaces of International Film Festivals: Cannes Film Festival and the French Riviera

by Dorota Ostrowska, Birkbeck, University of London

06 Film Festivals as Cosmopolitan Assemblages: A Case Study in Diasporic Cocreation
by Monia Acciari, De Montfort University

07 The Films of Ciro Guerra and the Making of Cosmopolitan Spaces in Colombian Cinema
by Maria Luna, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and Philippe Meers, University of Antwerp

08 Imperial and Critical Cosmopolitans: Screening the Multicultural City on Sherlock and Elementary
by Anne Kustritz, Utrecht University


Teaching European Cinema—The European University Film Award (EUFA) Project

Dossier Editor: Skadi Loist, University of Rostock


Making Time in Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon: Art History and Empire, by Maria Pramaggiore
Reviewer: Gillian McIver, University of Roehampton

From Self-fulfilment to Survival of the Fittest: Work in European Cinema from the 1960s to the Present by Ewa Mazierska
Reviewer: Nick Hodgin, Cardiff University

Compact Cinematics: The Moving Image in the Age of Bit-Sized Media, edited by Pepita Hesselberth and Maria Poulaki
Reviewer: Virginia McLaurin, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Book Reviews Editor: Humberto Saldanha


Film Policies in Transition: Globalization, Digitization, Protectionism
King’s College London, 2 June 2017

Reporter: Gertjan Willems, Ghent University

Document Human Rights Film Festival 2017
Reporter: Alexandra-Maria Colta, University of Glasgow and University of St Andrews

Reports Editor: James Mulvey






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