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Call for Papers

Alphaville accepts articles for consideration through a system of call for papers for themed issues. Calls are advertised on this website and via subject lists. Currently Alphaville does not accept unsolicited article manuscripts. Check this site for updates on open calls.

CFP: “Mining Memories: New explorations in cinema, memory and the past”. A one-day international symposium at University College Cork, 22 November 2019. For more information please follow the link: CFPMemories

Call for Reports

Reviews and reports are sought on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in writing a report on a festival, exhibition or other relevant event you may contact us at

Books for Review

Publishers and authors may send us books for review at the following address:

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If you are interested in reviewing one of the titles below contact us at:

Please note that only high-quality reviews that scrupulously observe Alphaville Guidelines and House Style, and display rigorous scholarly engagement with the title being reviewed, will be considered for publication. Please consult the journal Guidelines and House Style for further guidance.

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