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Issue Contents

Cinema in the Interstices
by Abigail Keating, Deborah Mellamphy and Jill Murphy (Issue Editors)


Interstices and Impurities in the Cinema: Art and Science
by Angela Dalle Vacche

Between Frames: Japanese Cinema at the Digital Turn
by Laura Lee

Montage in the Portrait Film: Where Does the Hidden Time Lie?
by Patrick Tarrant

Picturing a Golden Age: September and Australian Rules
by Pauline Marsh

Memories of a Buried Past, Indications of a Disregarded Present: Interstices Between Past and Present in Henri-François Imbert’s No pasarán, album souvenir
by Veronika Schweigl

Ma, Mu and the Interstice: Meditative Form in the Cinema of Jim Jarmusch
by Roy Daly

The Tales of New Orleans after Katrina: The Interstices of Fact and Fiction in Treme
by Delphine Letort

"Cinema Alone", Multiple "Cinemas"
by Raymond Bellour


Stop the Clocks! Time and Narrative in Cinema, by Helen Powell (2012)
Reviewer: Deborah Mellamphy

Radical Frontiers in the Spaghetti Western: Politics, Violence and Popular Italian Cinema, by Austin Fisher (2011)
Reviewer: Mike Phillips

Mad Men: Dream Come True TV, edited by Gary R. Edgerton (2011)
Reviewer: Aidan Power


Book Reviews Editor: Ian Murphy


Jonas Mekas
Serpentine Gallery, London, 5 December 201227 January 2013
Reporter: Laura Busetta

Dis-placing the East/West Binary: Aesthetic and Cultural Crossover in Film and Visual Culture
Cardiff University, 2 November 2012
Reporter: Hiu M. Chan

ECREA 2012, 4th European Communication Conference, Film Studies Section
Istanbul, 2527 October 2012
Reporter: Gertjan Willems


Reports Editor: Yuanyuan Chen


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